Bengaluru to Coorg experience

The misty hills, lush teakwood forests, and acres of tea and coffee plantations of Kodagu allures every explorer. Dubbed as "The Scotland of India," Coorg is located in the lap of the majestic Western Ghats. Coorg has a rich culture and a unique local clan – the Kodavas. Specialized in martial arts, and widely known for their hospitality. We get deep insight into the local history at the Madikeri Fort and engage in the enthralling adventure at the Abbey falls. Coorg has something to offer for everyone. 

An explorer always seizes the chance to go an adventure and make it an experience of a lifetime. This is their sense of belonging.

Carpe Diem at Coorg- as the explorers manoeuver through the paradise-feeling the rush of the green mountains, the mist in the air washing away the monotony, the smell of the greenery rejuvenating the soul, and the sweet breeze brushing against their faces.

Our explorers will be witnessing the world in a new light marking the beginning of a new adventure and bringing alive the true sense of wanderlust.

Experience the expedition to Coorg, an explorer's paradise where beauty, adventure, food, culture comes together to create a visual extravaganza for the explorers.

*Subject to finalization of experiences