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About Hyundai Explorers

The quest for the unknown. The spirit of exploration. The spirit of discovery.

#HyundaiExplorers is a series of self-driven, pulse-racing adventures designed exclusively for Hyundai SUV owners where every journey is filled with exhilaration and is picture-perfect.

With Hyundai Explorers, we are bringing together adventure-seeking enthusiasts and like-minded explorers, who will travel across the length and breadth of the country to experience these curated journeys of exploration. A journey to explore the world around you to experience new cultures, the rich history, to meet new people who honour the spirit of exploration and create new stories.

The potential for a life beyond the looking glass lies dormant within all of us, perhaps not on a scale as grand as conquering the Everest, but certainly the ability to seek out and discover the endless possibilities that our country has to offer. Exploration is, after all, being on the lookout for new experiences and adventures.

Experience the unseen.

Explore the unexplored.

Join us on our upcoming Explorer drive to live the #HyundaiSUVLife.

Explorer drives